Technology Ventures

I am just your average, middle-aged father (and mother, sometimes), brother, friend, mate and son. I, like most responsible men, deal with the challenges of running a business, raising kids and preserving relationships with family, friends and a Significant Other.

My business interests are widely varied. After spending 20 years in the tech industry in a variety of management postions I broadened my horizons to include low tech, "blue collar" businesses as well as internet and technology ventures.

With deep experience in designing technology products, my article topics tend to focus on personal technology. In some cases I may write a "head scratching" article, wondering out loud where a particular product fits or who on earth would buy it. In other cases, I focus on the features and useability of products that I think are viable. In all cases I try to write down-to-earth, useful material for the mainstream, not the tech elite, early-adopter crowd.

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