Good Gifts for Men

We put a lot of thought into our list of good gifts for men this year. Just in time to help you in finding the best Christmas gift for a man in your life. It can be a daunting task. Of course, you can go with the same iPod, iPhone, iThis, iThat, but those are gifts every other man (or every other human) on the block will get.

To make it onto the list of Best Christmas Gifts for Men we preferred to go with something unique, useful for years to come, and available at a reasonable price. Something every other man on the block will see and say "Wow, what a great gift. Who thought of that?" It doesn't have to be the most expensive gift. All in all, we (men) are pretty simple. So take a look at a few of these ideas. If you don't see anything that catches your eye, come back soon - we'll be adding to it.

GPS Systems for Under $100

GPS systems have to be on the list of Good Gifts for Men. They will certainly be at the top of the list of the Best Christmas Gifts for 2010. But don't delay if a GPS is on your list, they are sure to sell out fast. Although portable GPS devices are great for men and women, they are definitely on our list of Top Tech Gifts for Men. Afterall, men don't ask for directions, but they will take directions from a sleek, new GPS system.

With products like the TomTom 330XL or the Garmin Nuvi 255W hovering under $100, these are cool Christmas gifts that will keep giving year after year. Portable GPS systems are simple to use, right out of the box so you don't have the Christmas-morning frustrations of assembly, loading software, etc.

You also have a huge selection of GPS devices that are feature-packed and beautifully designed so if your budget permits, and your recipient appreciates the latest technology, check out the Garmin Nuvi 3790T, for instance.

Kindle e-book Reader

Kindles are already a top-seller and the Holiday season has just begun. Kindles, of course, are on the list of Good Gifts for Men...women, even children. If you're spending $140 - $190 on someone special, Kindles are terrific gifts that will keep giving, year after you. They also provide you with gift alternatives for years to come - Kindle Books!

But if you want one of these gems, click on the link below and place your order. Do not pass GO (it will take too long), do not collect $200 (it will take even longer), just go buy it now. They will definitely sell out before you know it. This is one that's on my Christmas list.

Headlamps / Headlights (for the outdoorsy, or not-so-outdoorsy type)

Headlamps or Headlights are kind of like SUV's...very few people need anything that will climb a rocky slope or cruise effortlessly over a babbling brook, but we all want to be able to. Whether we camp or hike or fish or hunt, a headlamp is fantastically useful, which puts them on the list of Good Gifts for Men. I may look funny wearing mine, but it makes me feel like a MAN!

Headlamps are one of those items where you get what you pay for. The longevity is the biggest factor, with many made so cheaply that they simply won't last. Other factors to consider are the candle power, lighting features (emergency strobes, red filters), energy saving features and of course, comfort. Here are three excellent choices at slightly different price points.

If you choose a headlamp, be ready Christmas night...he may wear it to bed!


Yes, it's true, men love their flashlights. And we don't mean those cheap, girly plastic things. We want METAL. These are great gifts that we love and they happen to be very useful. Here are a couple of options, from big to small, inexpensive to not-too-expensive.

When you want a flashlight, especially one for a man, MagLite is the only way to go. The big, burly Mag-Lite ST3D016 3-D Cellflashlight uses LED bulbs and is made of strong aluminum alloy. It's large enough that it won't get lost, strong enough to be nearly indestructible, and it could even be used as a weapon. On the small side, consider the Gerber 22-80012 Infinity Ultra Task LED model. It's compact, sturdy and it's waterproof to about 10'.

Emergency Weather Radio:

As men, we have this innate drive to protect our family. Whether it's global warming, the coming apocalypse or just a series of environmental extremes, our weather has been dangerous at times. No home, and certainly no man, should be without an emergency / weather radio. There are some excellent products available that include multiple power sources and cell phone chargers, both critically-important features for an emergency radio, and priced below $50.

Manly Blankets and Throws

Yeah, I know, this is risky. But people always joke about men and our beloved chairs so why not have a nice, manly, comfortable blanket to go with it...just don't buy anything with a color they call "Kiwi" or "Berry" or "Peacock". But if you go for a navy or burgundy or something like that, this will be a favorite on those cold days. And by all means, stay away from things with cute little pictures of cats and yappy dogs on them. Something themed is good, like the Patriots fleece below, but make sure you get the right team! Here are a couple of suggestions: New English Patriots Gridiron Fleece; Berkshire Serasoft Throw; Columbia Coral Fleece Throw; Dallas Cowboys Throw.

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